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Akay Flavours and Aromatics Pvt. Ltd.

Oleoresin capsicum, paprika oleoresin, curcumin, oleoresins, spice extracts, ...

Sunday,Jan 20, 2019
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About Us
 AKAY is a full range manufacturer and exporter of whole/ground sterilised spices, oleoresins, essential oils, natural colours, natural antioxidants & nutraceutical ingredients from spices. As one among the very few companies who own 2000 acres of certified organic farm, AKAY always stands distinguished in the ability to provide full scan traceability from Nature to Nutraceuticals. Dedicated documentations and quality assurance work force form an integral part of AKAY’s 20-years of successful journey to address the ever-time changing global regulatory requirements and industry needs on botanical ID and adulterations. AKAY has world-wide presence with regional sales offices and warehouses in USA, Germany, China and Japan.

Spiceuticals®, a unique brand of nutraceutical ingredients from spices, is a flagship of AKAY’s commitment and research to generate highly bioavailable and unique formulations of bioactives that are clinically validated. CurQfen®, Clovi... [More Information]
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